Risk Assessment

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Identify who / what can be harmed
Tick all that apply

Start Work Assessment

Have all members of the team received an NHU induction?
Do you have your HSEQ pack / CPP containing all work risk assessments and method statements?
Do you have all relevant SLG, in good condition and compliant with NRSWA?
Is there at least one trained NRSWA operative on site?
Are the team trained in Safe Digging Practices?
Are the Cable Avoidance Tools calibrated in date and functioning correctly? With spare batteries?
Are all Safe Dig prints on site, in date, in colour and legible? (elec / gas / water / BT / linesearch) ?
Do all that operate plant have an in-date ticket to enable them to operate the plant safely?
Are suitable welfare facilities on fixed and transient sites? (i.e. local toilets / washing facilities)
Does the team have serviceable PPE as defined within Risk Assessments and Method Statements?
Is there at least one first aider on site and is there training current?

If you have answered 'no' to any of these questions, then you must contact your supervisor immediately and inform him / her. You must not complete any work until instructed by your supervisor.

Identify Specific Risks

Traffic Management
Pedestrians / Public Access / Egress
Plant Equipment / Safety Critical Plant (i.e. excavators, MEWPS)
Overhead Hazards (i.e. BT cables, power lines)
Underfoot Hazards (i.e. wet, sloping ground)
Noise / Vibration (i.e. drilling, cutting)
Environmental (i.e. dust, waste, spillage)
COSHH Materials (i.e. creosote, resins)
Tools and Equipment (i.e. drills, saws)
Open Excavations
Confined Space Working
Hot Work (i.e. gas burners, oxy-acetylene)
Work at Height

Team Members

Your assessment must be discussed and agreed with all other team members and contractors on site, who must sign to confirm they understand the hazards and controls applicable.

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